Chandni Dumbhalia becomes AAHOA Ambassador

Marin Management, Inc. is proud to announce that Chandni Dumbhalia, the company’s sales and digital marketing coordinator, has been appointed as an ambassador for the Asian American Hotel Owners Association representing the North Pacific Region in the United States.  Chandni is the youngest ambassador as well as one of two of the only females representing the North Pacific Region.
The Asian American Hotel Owners Association, also known as AAHOA, is the largest hotel owners association in the world in that nearly half of the hotel owners in the United States are AAHOA members.  AAHOA is an influential association both economically and politically comprised of more than 16,000 members, 23,000 properties, and over 700,000 employees nation-wide.

As an ambassador of AAHOA, Chandni serves as a representative to promote the ideals and business interests of AAHOA across the United States.  Chandni is now responsible to advocate for hoteliers alike on a regional and national level to protect and defend the rights of hotel owners.  She will be visiting Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. this May as well as once in the fall to meet and discuss with Congressmen of the issues hoteliers face regarding tax reform, health care, work force relations, and travel and tourism.

Best of luck Chandni Dumbhalia!


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