Online Sales Training

Marin Management, Inc.  has partnered with Peak4, a hotel and resort training provider, to implement a state-of-the-art hotel sales e-learning program that compliments our classroom and personal sales training, sales management and other sales resources.  There are two courses–hotel sales and catering sales.

The hotel sales course is an eleven-lesson course that includes video introductions, instructional text, links to sales forms, reference materials, demonstrations and quizzes.  Lessons include Writing Sales Proposals, Writing Hotel Sales Contracts, Blocking Event Space, Evaluating Potential Business, Group Markets and Action Plans, Transient Market Segments, Handling Inquiries, Conducting Site Tours, Prospecting and Making Sales Calls and Account Saturation.

More than 80 of MMI’s general managers and sales professionals have succepeak4ssfully completed the online course.  Marin Management provides this service to its group of managed and sales-supported hotels at no expense to its hotels.

Marin Management has long recognized that the retention rate of online learning material is extremely high and provides many benefits to lodging operators and owners.  Without incurring additional training expenses or lost sales time, we train general managers, current sales staff members, new sales recruits, front office representatives, reservationists and other team members on how to sell to groups, convention leaders, travel managers, meeting planners, tour operators and other decision-makers to maximize hotel revenue.

At Marin Management, we consider everyone on our team to be a sales representative.  Online sales training helps promote that sales culture.

E-learning allows our sales professionals to learn at their own pace and without interrupting prime selling time.  In addition, we have reduced costs associated with personal sales training, such as air travel, hotel accommodations instructor fees and training materials.

Marin Management’s online sales modules allow us to take over management of a hotel and immediately initiate a sales effort that is consistent with our proven best practices for maximizing hotel revenue. We have eliminated the potential for conflicting sales guidelines; and we do not solely depend on local management passing on our sales techniques.

Online sales training allows us to more quickly develop inexperienced sales people into productive sales professionals. Our online sales training system also allows our management to monitor the sales training progress of each associate with a click of a button.

For ongoing training and reference, MMI also makes available its best practices for hotel sales and marketing on its Team Site. These include its Sales Leadership Guide, Sales Administration Guide, Hotel Marketing Guide, Sales Prospecting Guide, Sales Technique Guide, Event Sales and Planning Guide and Competition Management Guide.

By using online sales training through its partnership with Peak4 and its other sales-management resources, Marin Management plans to hold its position as the lodging industry’s leader in revenue production for years into the future.