Yoana Monroy

Director of Business Services

cid_cc62d35b-ee81-4ade-b0c5-34806a999fa1localAfter working several years managing her family’s hotel business, Ms. Monroy joined Marin Management in 2007 as manager of administration.  She was promoted to director of business services in 2012.

Ms. Monroy oversees the technical infrastructure for the company’s managed hotels and restaurants, including online training and management resource sites, electronic retention of hotel documents, hotel e-mail accounts, client billing and the hotel team-member forum.  She also oversees Destinations Site, Marin Management’s online marketing tool for hotels and Sales Central, the online sales management program owned by the company.  Additionally, Ms. Monroy administers much of the recruitment process for bringing talented hotel professionals to the company.  She also administers online reporting from hotels and Client Site, Marin Management’s communication tool for hotel owners.  Ms. Monroy is fluent in Spanish.